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The LP Cylinder Wood Body Guiro (CP249) is a percussion instrument made by LP (Latin Percussion). It is designed to produce a unique sound by scraping a stick or mallet along the ridges on its wooden body.

The CP249 Guiro features a cylindrical body made of wood. The body has evenly spaced ridges or grooves carved into its surface, which create a scraping sound when a stick or mallet is rubbed against them. The wooden construction of the guiro contributes to its warm and resonant tone.

To play the LP Cylinder Wood Body Guiro, you typically hold it in one hand while using the other hand to scrape a stick or mallet along the ridges. By adjusting the speed, pressure, and angle of the scraping motion, you can produce different rhythms and tonal effects. Additionally, you can strike the end of the guiro for percussive accents.

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