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The Latin Percussion LP446-S Session Shaker small is a percussion instrument manufactured by Latin Percussion (LP). It is a compact shaker designed to deliver a versatile and controlled sound.

The LP446-S Session Shaker small features a tube-shaped design with a textured surface, allowing for easy grip and control during playing. It is smaller in size compared to other shakers, making it suitable for players who prefer a more compact percussion instrument.

The LP446-S Session Shaker small is filled with small beads or seeds that produce a shaking sound when the instrument is moved. It is known for its crisp and bright sound that can cut through in ensemble settings or add subtle texture to solo performances.

The LP446-S Session Shaker small offers a balanced and controlled sound, allowing you to create precise rhythmic patterns and accents. Its smaller size and adjustable fill volume give you flexibility in controlling the volume and intensity of the shaker sound.

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