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The LP Triangle with Striker 6 Inch LPA121 is a percussion instrument manufactured by Latin Percussion (LP). It is a triangular-shaped instrument made of high-quality steel and is used to produce a clear and penetrating sound.

The LP Triangle LPA121 measures 6 inches on each side of the triangle, which is a common size for this instrument. It comes with a striker or beater, usually made of metal, which is used to strike the triangle and create the desired sound.

To play the LP Triangle, you hold it by the attached cord or handle with one hand, while using the striker to strike the triangle. The striker is typically held by the thumb and forefinger, and it is struck against the side or edge of the triangle to produce a ringing sound.

The LP Triangle with Striker is commonly used in various musical genres, including orchestral, marching band, and contemporary music. It is known for its ability to cut through the sound of an ensemble and add a shimmering and percussive element to the music.

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