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M-Audio Air 192/4 Vocal Studio Pro

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The M-Audio Air 192/4 is an audio interface produced by M-Audio, a renowned brand in the field of audio equipment. The Air 192/4 is designed to connect your instruments, microphones, and other audio sources to your computer, allowing you to record and monitor high-quality audio.


It supports up to 24-bit/192kHz audio resolution, ensuring excellent sound quality for your recordings.

The interface features two combo XLR/TRS inputs, allowing you to connect microphones, line-level instruments, or balanced/unbalanced outputs. Additionally, it offers two balanced 1/4″ outputs for connecting studio monitors or headphones.

The Air 192/4 includes a 5-pin MIDI input and output, enabling you to connect MIDI devices such as keyboards, controllers, and drum machines.

It connects to your computer via USB, providing a reliable and fast data transfer rate. It is also USB bus-powered, eliminating the need for an external power supply.

The interface features zero-latency direct monitoring, which allows you to monitor your input signals without any delay, providing a seamless recording experience.

M-Audio often includes a software bundle with their interfaces, which may include DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software, virtual instruments, and effects plugins. The specific software included may vary, so it’s worth checking the product specifications or packaging for details.

Overall, the M-Audio Air 192/4 is a versatile and capable audio interface that offers high-quality audio recording and monitoring capabilities. It’s suitable for home studios, content creators, musicians, and anyone looking to improve their audio recording setup.

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