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M-Audio Keystation 49-MK2

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The M-Audio Keystation 49-MK2 is a MIDI keyboard controller designed for musicians, producers, and enthusiasts who want a compact and portable solution for playing and controlling virtual instruments, software synthesizers, and other MIDI-compatible devices.


It features a 49-note, full-size, velocity-sensitive keyboard, which provides a realistic piano-like playing experience. The keys are also semi-weighted, offering a good balance between responsiveness and expressiveness.

The Keystation 49-MK2 connects to your computer or MIDI devices using a USB-MIDI interface. This allows you to send MIDI data, such as note information, modulation, and control messages, to your software or external MIDI devices.

It includes various controls for hands-on manipulation of your music. These typically include pitch bend and modulation wheels, octave shift buttons for extending the keyboard range, and assignable buttons or k

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