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M-Audio Uber Mic

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The M-Audio Uber Mic is a versatile USB microphone designed for recording, podcasting, streaming, and other audio applications. It offers a range of features to deliver high-quality audio capture.

The Uber Mic features a multi-pattern condenser microphone capsule that allows you to select different polar patterns, including cardioid, figure-8, omnidirectional, and stereo. This enables you to choose the best pickup pattern for your recording needs.

The microphone is designed to capture audio with clarity and detail. It typically offers a wide frequency response range and a high-resolution 16-bit/48kHz audio resolution, ensuring accurate reproduction of vocals and instruments.

The Uber Mic includes a 1/8″ headphone output with dedicated volume control, allowing for direct monitoring of your recording in real-time without latency. This feature enables you to hear exactly what the microphone is picking up without any delay.

The microphone features convenient onboard controls for adjusting microphone gain, headphone volume, and pattern selection. LED indicators provide visual feedback on the microphone’s status and input level.

The Uber Mic comes with an integrated tabletop stand, providing a stable and adjustable base for placing the microphone on your desk or studio setup. It also includes a threaded mount for compatibility with standard microphone stands.


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