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Mantra Prakriti EQ

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This guitar model represents the whole natural experience of the whole journey and the partner you need for the journey. It’s named Prakriti which defines itself as nature. This is the best guitar for an intermediate-level player, who is looking for a higher quality sound and great playing experience on the go.

Natural Journey Reflection: The Mantra Prakriti guitar captures the essence of a natural journey, symbolizing a deep connection with nature. It acts as a companion for your musical expedition, resonating with the organic and authentic aspects of music creation.

Inspired by Nature: Named “Prakriti,” which translates to “nature,” this guitar embodies the purity and beauty found in the natural world. Its design and materials pay homage to the elements, creating a harmonious synergy between musician and environment.

Enhanced Sound Quality: Crafted with a mahogany wood top, the Mantra Prakriti guitar produces a rich, warm, and resonant sound that elevates your music. The choice of materials enhances tonal depth and projection, allowing you to express yourself with clarity and emotion.

Convenience of Portability: With a compact 36-inch size, the Prakriti guitar is ideal for on-the-go musicians. Its portable nature ensures that you can take your music with you wherever your journey leads, whether it’s a weekend getaway or a spontaneous jam session.

Premium Material Selection: The use of rosewood for the back, fretboard, and neck imparts durability, comfort, and an elegant aesthetic. This choice of high-quality materials adds to the overall playing experience and contributes to the guitar’s longevity.

Complete Package: The Mantra Prakriti comes as a comprehensive package, equipped with essential accessories including a bag, Mantra string, Mantra Capo, Mantra Picks, and a Mantra strap. This thoughtfully curated bundle provides all you need for a seamless playing experience.

Built-In Mukti with Pickup System: Equipped with Advance Mantra Preamp 3 band Eq tone tuner pickup system, the Mantra Prakriti Eq offers the freedom to transition seamlessly between acoustic and amplified performances. This built-in pickup enhances its versatility, allowing musicians to amplify their sound without compromising the freedom of their acoustic expression.

  • Color: Natural Brown
  • Size: 36 inch
  • Back, Fretboard & Neck Material: Rosewood
  • Top material Type: Mahogany wood
  • Type: Acoustic
  • Number of String: 6
  • Hardware: Diecast copper alloy tuning key
  • Pickup system: Mantra Advance Preamp with 3 band Eq and Chromatic tuner
  • Hand Orientation: Right Handed
  • Fret number : 20 frets
  • Included: Bag, Mantra string, Mantra Capo, Mantra Picks, Mantra strap and 3 times free servicing
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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