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The Paiste 5 – 18″ Rock Crash is a specific model of cymbal offered by Paiste. The Paiste 5 series is designed to provide quality cymbals at an affordable price range for entry-level and intermediate drummers.

The 18-inch Rock Crash is a cymbal specifically designed for rock and other loud music styles. It features a larger size and heavier weight, which contributes to its powerful and cutting sound. The Rock Crash cymbal is designed to cut through the mix with a strong attack, bright tonal character, and a medium sustain. It offers the projection and volume required to deliver impactful crashes and accents in rock music settings.

The Paiste 5 – 18″ Rock Crash is a versatile option for drummers who play rock, metal, or other similar genres, and are looking for a cymbal that can provide the necessary volume, projection, and durability required for high-energy performances.

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