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The PDP by DW PDAX9212 Hi-Hat Auxiliary is an accessory designed to expand the hi-hat setup on a drum kit. It is produced by PDP (Pacific Drums and Percussion), a subsidiary brand of Drum Workshop (DW).

The PDAX9212 Hi-Hat Auxiliary allows drummers to add an additional set of hi-hat cymbals to their drum kit. It consists of a sturdy stand with an adjustable arm that holds a pair of hi-hat cymbals. The arm can be positioned at various angles and heights, providing flexibility in creating different hi-hat configurations.

Drummers often use an auxiliary hi-hat setup to achieve unique sounds or to add more complexity to their playing. It can be used to create contrasting patterns, incorporate different hi-hat sounds, or play intricate hi-hat parts while keeping the main hi-hat foot pedal free for other purposes.

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