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The PDP Cymbal Stacker with the model PDAX909 is an accessory designed to enable drummers to stack multiple cymbals on a single cymbal stand. It is produced by PDP (Pacific Drums and Percussion), a subsidiary brand of Drum Workshop (DW).

The PDAX909 Cymbal Stacker allows drummers to maximize their cymbal setup by creating vertical stacks of cymbals. It typically consists of a threaded sleeve and a felt washer that are used to securely hold cymbals together.

To use the PDAX909 Cymbal Stacker, you would first place it on top of a cymbal stand’s existing cymbal felts. You can then place one cymbal on the stacker’s threaded sleeve, followed by the felt washer. Additional cymbals can be added on top, and the stack can be secured by tightening the stacker’s wingnut.

By using a cymbal stacker, drummers can create unique sound combinations and save space on their drum kit. It allows for different cymbals to be played simultaneously, resulting in interesting and creative sound textures.

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