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Photogenic Electric Guitar (Blue)

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The PhotoGenic Electric Guitar is a model produced by the PhotoGenic brand. While PhotoGenic is not as widely recognized as some other guitar brands, it offers affordable options for beginners and intermediate players.

The guitar features a classic double-cutaway body shape, similar to a Stratocaster-style design. It is typically made of solid wood, though the specific wood used may vary depending on the model.

The guitar typically has a bolt-on neck construction, which means the neck is attached to the body with screws. The neck is usually made of maple or another type of hardwood.

The fingerboard is the playing surface of the neck. It is commonly made of rosewood or maple, offering a smooth surface for playing.

The guitar typically has a set of control knobs and switches for adjusting volume, tone, and pickup selection. The specific configuration may vary depending on the model.

The bridge on the guitar provides support and helps to anchor the strings. The hardware, such as the tuners and bridge, can vary in quality and design depending on the specific model.



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