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Yamaha APX600 Semi-acoustic Guitar – OVS

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The Yamaha APX600 OVS is a specific variant of the APX600 model. The “OVS” stands for Old Violin Sunburst, which refers to the finish or color option of the guitar.

The APX600 OVS features the same slim and shallow body design as the standard APX600 model. The body is constructed with a spruce top for balanced tonal qualities and nato or mahogany back and sides, depending on the specific version. The body shape and construction contribute to a focused sound with good projection.

Like the standard APX600, the APX600 OVS is equipped with Yamaha’s proprietary electronics system. It typically includes an under-saddle piezo pickup and a preamp with controls for volume, tone, and sometimes a built-in tuner. The electronics allow you to amplify the guitar’s sound when connected to an amplifier or PA system.

The neck of the APX600 OVS is usually made of NATO or mahogany, offering a comfortable profile for easy playability. The fingerboard is typically made of rosewood, providing a smooth surface for fretting and playing.

The combination of a spruce top and nato or mahogany back and sides produces a balanced and versatile sound with good projection. The specific finish of the APX600 OVS, Old Violin Sunburst, adds an aesthetically pleasing touch to the guitar.


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