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Tabla Jodi Set

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The tabla is a pair of drums widely used in Indian music, known for its unique sound and rhythmic versatility. It consists of two drums, the smaller Dayan and the larger Bayan, made of hardwood and topped with layered animal skin. The contrasting pitch of the drums allows for a wide range of melodic possibilities. Tuning can be adjusted to achieve the desired pitch, and the drums are played using various hand techniques. The tabla’s bols (syllables) and taals (rhythmic cycles) form the foundation of compositions. With its rich cultural significance and ability to accompany various music genres, the tabla holds a vital role in Indian classical, fusion, and devotional music, contributing to the country’s musical heritage .


Pair of Drums: Consists of two drums, Dayan (smaller drum) and Bayan (larger drum).
Construction: Made of hardwood with layered animal skin stretched over the top.
Pitch Contrast: Dayan produces higher-pitched sounds, while Bayan produces lower-pitched sounds.
Syahi: Black circular spot on the drumhead affecting tonal quality and resonance.
Tuning: Adjusted using straps or tapping the rim for desired pitch.
Playing Technique: Fingertips, palm, heel of the hand, and fingers used to produce different sounds.
Bols and Taals: Syllables represent different strokes, while taals dictate rhythmic cycles.
Versatility: Accompanies various genres of music and provides rhythmic support and improvisation.
Cultural Significance: Holds great importance in Indian music, dance, and devotional contexts.

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