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Xlr to Xlr 3m cable on Guitarshop

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  • Balanced connection with three conductors: positive, inverted phase, and ground
  • XLR connectors with three pins (male) or sockets (female) for secure and reliable connections
  • Designed for professional audio applications
  • Durable and reliable construction for long-lasting use
  • Compatible with a wide range of audio equipment
  • Available in various length options to suit different setups
  • Shielded to minimize interference and electromagnetic noise
  • Superior noise rejection for clean and high-quality audio transmission

XLR to XLR normal cables are professional-grade audio cables known for their balanced connection and reliable signal transmission. With three conductors for positive audio, inverted phase audio, and ground, these cables minimize noise and interference for clean audio transmission. They feature XLR connectors with three pins (male) or sockets (female), providing secure and stable connections. Built for durability, these cables are commonly used in recording studios, live sound setups, and stage performances. They are versatile, compatible with a wide range of audio equipment, and available in various lengths. Shielded to reduce interference, XLR to XLR normal cables deliver superior audio quality and are a trusted choice in professional audio environments.

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