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Yamaha Digital Keyboard PSR-E463

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The Yamaha PSR-E463 is a digital keyboard designed for musicians, beginners, and hobbyists. It offers a wide range of features and functionality to enhance your playing experience.

It features a 61-key touch-sensitive keyboard, which means that the sound varies depending on how hard or soft you play the keys. This adds expression to your playing.

The PSR-E463 comes with 758 high-quality voices, including instruments such as pianos, guitars, strings, brass, and more. It also offers 235 built-in auto-accompaniment styles, which provide backing tracks in various genres like pop, jazz, rock, and more.

The keyboard has assignable knobs and real-time control knobs that allow you to manipulate the sound parameters like cutoff, resonance, attack, and more. These features provide a hands-on experience and enable you to shape your sound in real-time.

The PSR-E463 has a sampling function that allows you to record sounds through the Aux input and play them on the keyboard. It also includes a Groove Creator feature, which lets you create and play back grooves and patterns.

The keyboard offers various connectivity options, including USB to Host, USB to Device, and Aux input. USB to Host allows you to connect the keyboard to a computer or mobile device for MIDI communication and recording. USB to Device enables you to save and load your settings and songs to a USB flash drive. The Aux input lets you connect external audio devices such as smartphones or MP3 players to play along with your favorite songs.

The PSR-E463 has a built-in lesson function called “Yamaha Education Suite” (Y.E.S.), which helps beginners learn to play by providing step-by-step lessons. It also offers a chord dictionary that shows you how to play chords.

The keyboard includes a wide range of digital effects such as reverb, chorus, delay, and more. It also features Digital Signal Processing (DSP) that enhances the sound quality and adds depth to your playing.

The PSR-E463 has a comprehensive arpeggio function that automatically generates various arpeggios and patterns based on the chords you play, adding complexity and flair to your performances.

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