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Yamaha Drum Stick – Absolute Rock 2B

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The Yamaha Absolute Rock 2B drumsticks are part of Yamaha’s drumstick lineup. The Absolute Rock series is designed to provide durability and power for drummers playing rock and other heavy music genres.

The Absolute Rock 2B drumsticks have a standard length of approximately 16 inches (40.64 cm) and a diameter of 0.63 inches (1.6 cm). These dimensions make them thicker and heavier compared to standard drumsticks, offering extra power and durability.

Yamaha drumsticks are typically made from high-quality hickory wood, which is known for its durability and resilience. Hickory is a popular choice among drummers due to its strength and ability to withstand heavy hitting.

The Absolute Rock 2B drumsticks feature a short taper, which means the stick maintains its thickness for a longer section toward the tip. This design provides a powerful and solid feel, allowing drummers to produce strong strokes and accents.

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