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Yamaha monitor speaker HS5

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The Yamaha HS5 follows the studio monitor design philosophy, aiming for accurate sound reproduction with a flat frequency response. It is designed to provide a neutral and transparent audio representation, making it suitable for critical listening, mixing, and recording.

The HS5 features a 5-inch cone woofer for low-frequency reproduction and a 1-inch dome tweeter for high-frequency reproduction. Despite its compact size, the HS5 is capable of delivering a balanced sound across the frequency spectrum.

The HS5 has a frequency response range of 54Hz to 30kHz. While the low-end response is not as extended as larger monitor speakers, it still provides sufficient bass reproduction for most studio applications.

The HS5 is equipped with a built-in amplifier with a total power output of 70 watts (LF: 45W, HF: 25W). This power rating allows for clear and accurate sound reproduction with ample volume levels suitable for small to medium-sized rooms.

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