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Yamaha PA-3C Power Adaptor

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The Yamaha PA-3C is a power adapter designed for use with specific Yamaha musical instruments and equipment.

The PA-3C power adapter is designed for use with Yamaha electronic keyboards and digital pianos. It is specifically compatible with certain models of Yamaha instruments, such as the PSR series keyboards and some DGX and YPG series digital pianos. It is important to check the compatibility of your specific instrument model with the PA-3C power adapter before use.

The PA-3C power adapter provides a DC output of 12V with a maximum current rating of 700mA. This power output is suitable for powering Yamaha instruments that require this specific voltage and current.

The power adapter is designed to work with standard AC power outlets commonly found in households. The specific voltage and frequency range supported by the PA-3C may vary depending on the region or market it is intended for.

The PA-3C is an official Yamaha power adapter, ensuring compatibility and reliability with Yamaha instruments. Using a genuine power adapter can help maintain the proper functioning of your Yamaha equipment and protect it from potential damage.

The PA-3C power adapter is typically compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport and use with your Yamaha instrument. It is commonly supplied with a detachable AC power cord for connecting to the power outlet.


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