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Name:Concept Doudle Pedal (Extended Footboard)

Brand: DW Drums

Price: 29000

PDP By DW Concept Series Double Pedal w/XF Extended Footboard

The 10.6” footboard length is a versatile surface for speed, velocity and power whether you play heel-toe, heel-up, or heel-down. Designed with tight tolerances utilizing a needle bearing hinge, the pedal gives players a sensitive feel that responds instantly. The drive is a low mass Cobalt Blue Aluminum Dual-Chain cam. A DW-designed double pedal linkage and universal joint allows for accuracy and precision. Standard features: DW Style Spring Rocker adjustment, 2-Way beaters (felt/plastic) with hub memory locks, side-adjust thumbscrew offset hoop clamp for perfect placement, lightweight aluminum pedal plates, retractable spurs and a built-in key clip. The PDP Concept Double Pedal is a solid performer that rivals much more expensive offerings

  • Concept Series XF Dual Chain Cobalt Aluminum Low-Mass Drive
  • XF Brushed Aluminum 10.6" Extended Footboards & DW-Designed Linkage/Universal Joint
  • PDP 2-way Beaters (Felt/Hi Impact Plastic)
  • Dual Aluminum Base Plates
  • Needle-Bearing Hinge