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Name:Digital Drum (DM-3)

Brand: NUX

Price: 87,300

NUX DM-3 is a dedicated electronic drum set designed for drummers, equipped with 361 types of built-in General Midi sound library. A simple interface and customizable sound library give you the most authentic and realistic drum sounds. Featuring velocity-sensitive trigger, cymbals, and double drum pad trigger with a blasting response, DM-3 offers a real-time recording function, customizable effects and much more to express yourself more effectively.

An 8 piece electric drum kit with effects and record functions. This set includes snare, 3 x tom and kicks drum pads, crash, ride and hi-hat cymbals All connects to a solid metal drum stand with four sturdy legs. Parameters can be altered and set for each drum pad or cymbal in the controller's menu. There is a maximum of 8 sounds for each drum pad including sensitivity, scan time, mask time, retrig-c, x-talk, rim-sens. There are more than 300 effects parameters including phase, reverb, chorus, compressor, and EQ. You can record your track whilst playing and import WAV format audio files to the drum control module.

  • Built-in 361 types of General Midi sound library, restore the true drum modules
  • Make real efforts to respond to expressive richer
  • Easy installation and space-saving, the secure stent can prevent crosstalk
  • Support for custom sound library editor, Jane operating system
  • USB port supports USB flash disk audio players and USB-MIDI