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Name:MS W 800 HW (White)

Brand: DW Drums

Price: 80000

PDP Mainstage 5-Piece Drum Set w/Hardware and Cymbals - White

The PDP Main Stage Drum Kit is a 5-piece, pre-configured, entry-level kit that includes drums, hardware, cymbals, single bass drum pedal, and even a throne. A full, medium-weight hardware pack complete the rig. With everything all in one package, PDP’s Main Stage Kit is an excellent choice for beginning players everywhere. 


  • 8”x10” Mounted Tom
  • 9”x12” Mounted Tom
  • 14”x16” Floor Tom
  • 18”x22” Bass Drum
  • 5”x14” Snare Drum


  • Boom Cymbal Stand
  • Straight Cymbal Stand
  • Snare Stand
  • Hi-Hat Stand
  • Drum Throne
  • Bass Drum Pedal
  • Hardwood Drum Shells
  • 3 Durable, Wrap Finishes
  • Includes Complete Hardware Pack, with Throne and Bass Drum Pedal