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Name:Brass Ess.Set (14"/18")

Brand: Paiste

Price: 16700

Paiste Noiseworks Trash Cymbals deliver a bright, raw, and energetic sound character with a fairly narrow range and complex, trashy mix. They have a soft, responsive feel and controllable stick sound. The top cymbal features quick, explosive, dry crash, and the bottom cymbal features a long, china-like, trashy crash. Great multi-purpose set.

Introduction: 2002

Background: Paiste creates Hi-Hats and Cymbal Stack Combos for modern electronic musical applications such as Dance, House and Drum & Bass - Emulate sampled and electronically processed cymbal sounds in a natural drum set environment

Innovation: Paiste created extremely interesting alternative crash, ride, hi-hat and x-hat functions for most modern musical settings - Individual cymbals used are true and useful cymbals in themselves

Alloy: Patented Signature Bronze, CuSn8 Bronze, also known as "2002 Alloy", NS12 Nickel-Silver, MS63 Brass

Quality: Professional

Production: Manual Craftsmanship - Hand Hammering, Hand Lathing, Proprietary Methods

Applications: Soft to very loud > Live and Recording - Modern Electronic Genres and any application that requires a fresh and unusual approach

Users: Working Musicians, Enthusiasts, Specialists - Drummers and percussionists who love to experiment

Sound: Includes articulate, buzzing, hissing, explosive, crunchy, splashy, metallic, gated, chunky, clangy, shattering, fuzzy, crisp, woody, papery, trashy, compact, and strange sounds

Looks: Extremely varied shapes, surface colors and textures, hammering and lathing patterns - Prominent black silk screening

Recognition: Paiste Noise Works cymbals have been critically acclaimed by numerous international drum magazines as exceptionally useful even beyond their intended application and highly stimulating to your creativity

  • Size: 14/18"
  • Weight: medium top / medium thin bottom
  • Volume: medium to loud
  • Stick Sound: short, pronounced
  • Intensity: dry
  • Sustain: medium short
  • Bell Character: short, full, trashy