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Name:Drum Tuner (DT-10)

Brand: Cherub

Price: 10,300

DT-10 is a tuner designed for acoustic drums. With Cherub's original advanced algorithm, it detects the note and relative tension value in real time. MARK function sets the reference pitch, and the meter will tell you to tighten or loosen the tension screw to balance the drum head. Flexible clamp fits almost all drums!

The device has an interesting and modern design. It’s made of metal, and we are not used to that with things made in China. It has a large, readable display, and it has no useless buttons. These are great things about this tuner. We have to mention, that it has a very cool way of mounting it on the hoop.

Use of the device:

This product is really easy in use. It has generally one MARK button, which points the height of the sound, and makes further tuning a lot easier, it highlights the proper sounds by light marks. When you will hit the drumhead with a stick, it will show you a few colors, and here is the meaning:

  • Orange- too low sound
  • Green- proper sound
  • Red- too high sound

This function makes tuning a lot quicker, and you don’t have to worry about the sound heights, because it will be shown on the display.

  • Tuning Range - 30~500Hz
  • Accuracy - 0.1Hz
  • Power - Built-In Rechargeable Battery.
  • Battery Life - 5 Hours
  • Weight - 155g