Rachana Dahal: A voice for the unheard

Rachana Dahal, born on 8 June 1997, in Kathmandu, an immersing Singer/songwriter, has succeeded in captivating millions of hearts with her influential music composition along with a profound concoction of words. Being a wallflower with a feeble personality she started the habit of noting down what she feels, senses, all the transitions in her feelings and experiences which she later used as her song’s composition.

Her parents are Krishna Prasad Dahal and Ganga Sharma Adhikari. The music had her intrigued at a very young age and gradually gained recognition through her singles ‘Soch’, ‘Bhumari’, ‘Sapana ko Raja’ and ‘Daagbatti’.

Music Career

Her journey of music commenced as soon as she discovered her love for music since her school time and began to perform live in the pubs and bars, it got easier for her to persevere on the path of music and gain confidence. Initially, she used to sing and perform covers, and presently she has gained lots of appreciation and fondness using her talent of music composition. Once she claims in an interview how the deep assortments of words strike in her mind as starts to reckon alone at night after she is done with her ordinary works at daytime. She recently performed her songs bhumari, such, and dagbatti in the mantra live session. 

The independent music artist, Rachana Dahal recorded her first single “bhumari” 2019 which has also been composed by herself. She depicts the chasm and complexity of psychological predicaments, her words embody the extensive spectrum of emotional dilemmas while interpreting the vitality of freedom, justice, and individual resilience. In an interview, she described that her song ‘Bhumari’ is the depiction of the toxicity prevalent in any sort of relationship.

Click on the link to listen to Rachana Dahal’s song – Bhumari

Her other single “Soch”, 2019 also comprised by herself, deliberately has caused an absolute intense impact on listeners. The second single “Soch” pertains to sexual assault and molestation prevalent at every nook and corner of any society where the casualties are often suppressed and crushed down. Such voices remain unheard and buried within their heads and the confined voices and melancholy that flares up inside. Rachana Dahal’s Soch is an initiative to impel all the victims in trauma and misery to engulf the fear and combat the long-running grievance and assault.

Similarly, she has become an exquisite Nepali music artist eliciting queries to the harsh certainties of life through her beautifully composed songs. In her song “Sapana ko Raja” 2019, she portrays the lives that prevailed with a vague and erroneous belief in fairytales. She evacuates an important message of how one does not require somebody else to come to become a whole.

Her other single “Dagbatti” is the actual characterization of the poignant sorrow and anguish of losing somebody closest to your heart.  How the casualty happens to be unbearable and the only thing you can do to get out of the endless grief is to accept it.

Business career

Apart from her music career, she is also a well-trained wedding planner and event manager and she effortlessly handles both careers seeking and working for perfection and productivity.

click on the link to listen to Rachana Dahal’s song – Daagbatti


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