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Aria Semi Acoustic Guitar - ARIA-201CE BK

Aria Semi Acoustic Guitar - ARIA-201CE BK

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The Aria ARIA-201CE BK is a semi-acoustic guitar model produced by Aria Guitars. It is part of their ARIA series, which focuses on delivering quality semi-acoustic instruments.
\nThe ARIA-201CE BK typically features a hollow or semi-hollow body construction, which provides a warm and resonant tone. The body is often made of tonewoods such as maple, mahogany, or spruce, depending on the specific model and series. The body design is reminiscent of classic semi-acoustic guitars like the Gibson ES-335, with a distinct shape and F-holes on the top.
\nThe neck of the ARIA-201CE BK is usually made of mahogany or maple and features a set-neck construction. This type of neck joint enhances sustain and provides stability. The fingerboard is typically made of rosewood or ebony, offering a smooth playing surface, and may feature frets and position markers for easy navigation.
\nIn terms of electronics, the ARIA-201CE BK is equipped with a pickup system that allows for amplified sound. It often features one or two humbucker pickups, positioned in the bridge and/or neck positions. These pickups deliver a warm, full-bodied tone and are suitable for various musical styles, including jazz, blues, and rock. The pickup(s) are typically controlled by volume and tone knobs, as well as a pickup selector switch, enabling players to achieve different tonal variations.

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