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Lp Big Egg-LP0020BK

Lp Big Egg-LP0020BK

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The LP LP0020BK Egg Shaker is a percussion instrument commonly used in various music genres. It is a large-sized egg shaker, and the "BK" in the model number stands for black, indicating the color of the shaker.
\nEgg shakers are handheld percussion instruments that produce a shaking sound when shaken. They typically have a plastic or wooden shell filled with small beads or seeds, which create the shaking noise when moved. The LP0020BK Egg Shaker, being black in color, is a specific variant of the instrument.
\nThese shakers are often used in musical performances, recordings, and educational settings to add rhythmic elements and create a percussive texture. They are portable, easy to use, and versatile, making them popular among musicians and percussionists.

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