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The LP Cyclops Tambourine (LP162) is a popular percussion instrument manufactured by LP (Latin Percussion). It is a high-quality tambourine known for its durability, versatility, and bright sound.
\nThe LP Cyclops Tambourine features a circular frame made of durable plastic. The tambourine's frame is equipped with jingles that produce the characteristic tambourine sound when struck or shaken. These jingles are made of either brass or nickel-plated steel, depending on the specific model.
\nOne of the notable features of the LP Cyclops Tambourine is its ergonomic design. The tambourine is designed with a comfortable grip handle, allowing players to hold it securely during performances. The handle is often padded or covered with a non-slip material, ensuring a comfortable and firm grip while playing.
\nThe LP Cyclops Tambourine is available in various configurations, including single-row and double-row jingle setups. The single-row tambourines produce a bright and focused sound, while the double-row tambourines offer a fuller and more shimmering sound.

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