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The LP Hi-Hat Jingle Ring LP191NYS is a percussion accessory designed to add a jingling sound to your hi-hat cymbals. It is produced by Latin Percussion (LP), a renowned manufacturer of percussion instruments and accessories.
\nThe LP Hi-Hat Jingle Ring LP191NYS is a single jingle ring that attaches to the hi-hat cymbals. It features small metal jingles or tambourine-like discs that create a bright and shimmering sound when the hi-hat is played. The jingle ring is made of durable metal construction and is designed to fit most standard hi-hat stands.
\nTo install the LP Hi-Hat Jingle Ring, simply place it on the hi-hat rod between the hi-hat clutch and the top cymbal. It securely attaches to the rod and remains in place while allowing the hi-hat to open and close freely.

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