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The LP Session Shaker is a percussion instrument produced by Latin Percussion (LP). It is a versatile shaker designed to deliver a wide range of shaker sounds and textures.
\nThe LP Session Shaker features a tube-shaped design with a textured surface, allowing for easy grip and control during playing. It is available in various sizes, including small, medium, and large, each producing a different sound and volume level.
\nThe LP Session Shaker is filled with small beads or seeds that create a shaking sound when the instrument is moved back and forth or shaken. It is known for its crisp and bright sound that can cut through in ensemble settings or add texture to solo performances.
\nWhat sets the LP Session Shaker apart is its adjustable sound control. The shaker has a unique feature that allows you to modify the amount of fill material inside, giving you the ability to adjust the volume and tone of the shaker. By adjusting the fill, you can create a more pronounced and dynamic sound or a softer and more subtle sound.

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