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The LP Tambourine is a percussion instrument manufactured by Latin Percussion (LP). It is a versatile instrument that adds rhythmic texture and accent to a wide range of musical styles.
\nThe LP Tambourine typically features a circular frame with jingles or metal discs attached to the perimeter. The jingles produce a bright and shimmering sound when the tambourine is shaken, struck, or tapped.
\nLP offers various tambourine models with different specifications. Some tambourines have a single row of jingles, while others have multiple rows for a richer and more pronounced sound. Additionally, there are tambourines with synthetic or natural drumheads that can be played with drumsticks or hands for added versatility.
\nTambourines are played by holding the frame with one hand and shaking or striking it with the other hand. The shaking motion produces a sustained jingle sound, while striking the tambourine against the hand or leg creates a percussive accent. Tambourines can also be played in a variety of rhythmic patterns by striking specific jingles or shaking them in different ways.

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