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The LP Vintage Bongos CP221-VSB are a pair of bongos produced by Latin Percussion (LP). These bongos are designed to provide a vintage sound and aesthetic.
\nThe LP Vintage Bongos CP221-VSB feature 6.75-inch and 8-inch natural rawhide heads that are mounted on traditional-style shells. The shells are made from Siam oak, a wood known for its rich and warm sound. The bongos have a Vintage Sunburst (VSB) finish, which gives them a classic and aged appearance.
\nThese bongos are equipped with traditional rims and hardware, including black powder-coated LP Aspire EZ Curve rims and LP Heart side plates. They also come with 5/16-inch diameter tuning lugs with Cuban-style steel bottoms for easy and precise tuning.
\nThe LP Vintage Bongos CP221-VSB offer a versatile sound suitable for various musical genres, including Latin, jazz, fusion, and more. They are designed to deliver traditional bongo tones with a vintage flair. These bongos are suitable for both beginners and experienced players looking for a classic sound and look.

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