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The PDP by DW Concept Direct Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal with Extended Footboard is a high-quality double bass drum pedal designed for drummers who prefer the direct drive pedal feel and extended footboard length. It is produced by PDP (Pacific Drums and Percussion), a subsidiary brand of Drum Workshop (DW).
\nThe Concept Direct Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal features a direct drive system, where the footboard is directly connected to the beater, providing a more immediate and responsive feel compared to chain or belt-driven pedals. This design allows for increased precision and control over your bass drum strokes.
\nThe extended footboard length provides additional room for your foot and can accommodate drummers who prefer a wider stance or have larger shoe sizes. This can offer more comfort and stability during intense playing sessions.
\nThe pedal is constructed with durable materials and designed to be adjustable to suit individual preferences. It typically includes features like adjustable tension, adjustable beater angle, and a smooth footboard for enhanced playing comfort.

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